Recently when Katrina gets herself into a fit Stefan has been trying to tell her to think of her happy place to help her get control of herself.

Stefan in his best yoga tape voice: Katie, think of you and Ecru Bunny running on the beach.

But <sob> Ecru <sob> doesn’t <sob> know how to <sob> run <sob><sob><sob>

Personally I find this method hysterical since she has no idea what he’s talking about and sometimes it just makes her more upset since Ecru Bunny is not in her hand, RIGHT NOW, and she’s not sucking her fingers either. Well, the other night Katie and I were making dinner while Stefan was continuing to install the grout while Tristan was in the pack-‘n-play. He started screaming about being in there and Katie says, Tristan, think of you and Mr. Mole running on the beach.

Mr. Mole

If only he knew how to run…


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