Sorry for the Radio Silence

But there’s been a lot going on around here and not too much time to tell about it. We’ve been doing this…

Hanging a Stocking by the Chimney with Care

and some of this..

Reindeer Food

and a little bit of this…

Opening Gifts

and you can’t forget this…

Flower Girl Dancing

Talk to you all in the New Year.



As parents we always dread the day that our child asks us to drop them off around the corner from school. That day when they are embarrassed to be seen with their “dorky” mom and dad, but I never really thought about the day when I would be embarrassed to be seen with my kid, until it happened — last Sunday. Katie had a choir concert and when the kids were standing up front waiting to start Katie noticed me in the back with the video camera. Instead of just waving to me, she decided to share this knowledge with her friends and everyone in the audience. Now I am no shrinking violet, I frequently use self deprecating humor when presenting to large audiences, but I was quite embarrassed.
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A Vegemite Sandwich

I read in one of those parenting books that most of a child’s eating preferences are formed during their second year. Those twelve months, they say, are a critical time to introduce your child to a diverse selection of foods. I think, with Katie, we did a good job with this. She ate, and continues to eat, many foods that are not what I would consider typical three-year-old fare. She’s gladly eaten things like caviar, stinky cheese, and bratwurst — in fact she loves all three. Don’t get me wrong, she still eats an enormous amount of macaroni-and-cheese but we can take her to almost any restaurant and find something she’ll eat and for that I’m grateful.
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