I read in one of those parenting books that most of a child’s eating preferences are formed during their second year. Those twelve months, they say, are a critical time to introduce your child to a diverse selection of foods. I think, with Katie, we did a good job with this. She ate, and continues to eat, many foods that are not what I would consider typical three-year-old fare. She’s gladly eaten things like caviar, stinky cheese, and bratwurst — in fact she loves all three. Don’t get me wrong, she still eats an enormous amount of macaroni-and-cheese but we can take her to almost any restaurant and find something she’ll eat and for that I’m grateful.

With Tristan, well it’s not going quite as well. The kid doesn’t really like finger food and he also doesn’t really like jar food. Pretty much he’ll eat two things, crackers and applesauce. Oh, and he’ll also eat cut up banana. So every day at lunch I give him some sort of finger food vegetables and they end up all over the floor. For dinner he eats a jar of baby food but only if every spoonful has some applesauce on it too. I’ve given him cut up cheese, all thrown to the dogs. So, last week I had an idea — what if I get spreadable cheese and put it on his crackers?


Now I’m not sure if he actually likes the chevre or if he is just tolerating it because it’s on the cracker but WHO CARES! Now I’m thinking of all the spreads I can add to his crackers — hummus, tahini, pâté, baba ganoush, tapenade, vegemite. Okay, well maybe not the vegemite.


2 thoughts on “A Vegemite Sandwich

  1. Jenn-Try pimento cheese as well. Brenna LOVES the stuff. If you can find the Brand name Ruth’s I think that’s the best. But it might just be a southern thing!

  2. This kid is stuffed. Look at his pudgy fingers and bagged cheeks. You are making him obese. He has a lifetime of misery ahead of him. You are the cause. When a baby turns away, you stop shovelling food into the cakehole and chuck it away. Later you will be heaping his plate and saying “eat it all up”. You sicken me. You cannot even recognise how fat he is.

    Variety is excellent! Well done! But wise up on the other aspect. Of course, I was a dreadful (abandoning) father and would have committed 100-times your mistakes. But why should that stop me telling you what I see in robust terms? I am sure you are tough enopugh to take it. Good luck. Cy at mydigest.wordpress.com

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