As parents we always dread the day that our child asks us to drop them off around the corner from school. That day when they are embarrassed to be seen with their “dorky” mom and dad, but I never really thought about the day when I would be embarrassed to be seen with my kid, until it happened — last Sunday. Katie had a choir concert and when the kids were standing up front waiting to start Katie noticed me in the back with the video camera. Instead of just waving to me, she decided to share this knowledge with her friends and everyone in the audience. Now I am no shrinking violet, I frequently use self deprecating humor when presenting to large audiences, but I was quite embarrassed.

I did have the video camera rolling, but I have to warn you that between trying to get in to position and then laughing, it makes the Blair Witch Project look like it was filmed with a steadicam. — Do you think it would be too over the top if I filmed future events with the poor man’s version? — Without further ado here it is in a paranoid parent friendly format.

Sorry, I was too lazy to subtitle in the miracle that is Final Cut Express, so here is the transcript:

I think that’s my daddy over there. [pointing in my direction]


My daddy is gonna take a picture of all of us.


As for a recording of her actually singing, the rest of the video was shot from underneath the pew and really only shows a pair of brown loafers.


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