Natural Childbirth

One minor benefit of having given birth by Caesarean section is that when your toddler asks you how she was born you can answer, Dr. N got you out of Mommy’s tummy in all honesty. After Tristan was born Katie realized more clearly that Dr. N had cut my tummy to get Tristan out but still no further discussion of alternatives, until yesterday:

Mommy, how did baby Jesus get out of Mary’s tummy because there was no doctor there?

Um, yeah, that’s the conversation we had. When I told her how, I could see her puzzled face in the rearview mirror and she said,

Well that’s a silly way!

Now I’m just guessing here but I think silly is not a word anyone who has experienced natural childbirth would use as a description. Katie then informed me that when she has her three babies with Timmy — sorry Uncle Ed, you’ve been usurped — she will be pushing them out her head. Silly indeed.

I think I should marry a grown-up man…


Mommy, I’m going to marry Timmy.

Okay, but you know you don’t need to worry about that until you’re a grown-up.

Mommy, I think I should marry James, because he loves me.

Well, it’s a good idea to marry someone who loves you.

I think I should marry a grown-up man.

Yes, you and your husband should both be grown-up when you marry.

No, I mean a man who is grown-up now. I think…. I think I should marry Uncle Ed. He’s not married, right?