Flower Girls

My brother’s wedding was lovely last weekend and now that it’s over the stresses of it have started to fade away and I can just remember the loveliness of it.

Flower Girl

Stefan, Katrina, and I were all in the wedding party — my sister, brother-in-law, and niece too — so that made things a little complicated. There was a lot of running around and a lot of trying to stop two little girls from running around and that can really make you grumpy. The wedding itself though was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, and the flower girls were perfectly adorable as they scattered rose petals down the aisle. Tristan made only a few peeps through the ceremony and then fell asleep at the reception despite the blaring music. Katie and Gabrielle danced while the rest of us ate dinner and then waited for the cake to be cut so they could try some.

Resting with Dad

We were in the car no more than two minutes before Katie was sleeping and I think she would have slept all night in a crumpled heap if we had let her. Congratulations Bob and Nicole, you had a wonderful start to your wonderful lives together.

At the End of the Day

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