One minor benefit of having given birth by Caesarean section is that when your toddler asks you how she was born you can answer, Dr. N got you out of Mommy’s tummy in all honesty. After Tristan was born Katie realized more clearly that Dr. N had cut my tummy to get Tristan out but still no further discussion of alternatives, until yesterday:

Mommy, how did baby Jesus get out of Mary’s tummy because there was no doctor there?

Um, yeah, that’s the conversation we had. When I told her how, I could see her puzzled face in the rearview mirror and she said,

Well that’s a silly way!

Now I’m just guessing here but I think silly is not a word anyone who has experienced natural childbirth would use as a description. Katie then informed me that when she has her three babies with Timmy — sorry Uncle Ed, you’ve been usurped — she will be pushing them out her head. Silly indeed.


One thought on “Natural Childbirth

  1. I’ve had that last week with my younger son too, as a girl was giving birth in her kitchen on TV (wasn’t particularly paying attention, I turn my back to the TV when working on the computer)- he said “Well she can’t be having a baby, nobody has cut her tummy” – Although we’d discussed it before (he’s 9 but takes things in slowly) he must have been struck by cesearians- I went to re-explain where he came out, emphisizing that the womb had its own exit, nothing to do with the other passages. Seemed reassured but very sorry it was so difficult and painful, bless him.

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