Life Is A Highway

Katrina is obsessed with the movie Cars. She watches it all the time and when she’s not watching it she wishes she was watching it. We try to keep screen time to a minimum around here but with me being sick and her giving up her nap she’s been watching Lightning McQueen more than I care to admit. And since he’s so cool her Daddy got her the Cars soundtrack so we can listen to it while we’re in the car. Actually, we don’t listen to the whole soundtrack, just two songs. Yes, I am one lucky lady.

So, last week we’re coming home from preschool and Katie starts singing along to the song Life Is A Highway which was re-made for the movie by Rascal Flatts. I was more than slightly freaked out by this since I can remember dancing in the gym of my high school to this song circa 1991. Seriously? My kid is already singing remakes of songs from my teenage years? You wouldn’t believe how old that makes you feel. On the upside, at least I knew all the words.


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