Getting Katie ready for preschool yesterday was no different than any other preschool day. That is, there was a lot of arguing about what clothes she was going to wear — her two selections were a wool pullover and rabbit lined boots, or a cotton sundress with spaghetti straps and flip flops, both for temps in the 60s — whether she should brush her teeth — obviously yes — and what kind of hairdo she should have — I actually could care less as long as her hair is out of her eyes. At one point I said to her Katrina, you need to listen to me or you will be going to time-out. to which she replied You need to listen to………Grandmom or you will go to time-out. Good catch little girl. I know you were about to say I had to listen to you or I would go to time-out and well, we all know that would have backfired.


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