Big Sis

Katie and Tristan

Yesterday Katie was sharing some crackers with Tristan and he choked a little bit on one. I think it just caught in his throat a little — no heimlich necessary — but he was pretty upset about it. After the initial cry and banging on his back I tried to hug him and console him and he pushed me away. I asked him, Do you want sister? to which he replied with a vigorous nod. So sweet but broke my heart at the same time.


18 Months Already?

How did he get to be 18 months already?

To Everyone Who Thought We Were Crazy

Photo by Katrina

To everyone who thought we were crazy to get up at 5AM and drive many miles to have a family portrait session with a photographer we’d never met I invite you to take a look at this.


We’re Still Here…

Self Portrait

Despite the evidence to the contrary, we are still here — just busy and uninteresting. But, I promise, this week will be different. The urchins are back.