I Keep Throwing Money Away

And I don’t mean metaphorically. I think I have twice now actually thrown money in the garbage never to be recovered. I’m not talking about 47ยข either, we’re talking an envelope from the bank. The kind of envelope that holds tens and twenties. I blame Katrina, her and her little bits of paper everywhere. The money, which I think was on the kitchen table, probably got buried under some artwork that was recycled. I bet the garbage men didn’t think to look through the trash for a tip. Oh well, easy come easy go. I seem to have perfected the latter now if I can just figure out the former.

UPDATE: Apologies to Katie, I have unearthed the most recent envelope which was also the most cash-filled one. I’m still pretty sure the other ended up in the trash though. Must figure out a new system….


Did You See The Lady at Target….

…with the toddler wearing no shoes or socks despite the weather looking like this:

Snow Shoveling

Yeah, well don’t judge her too harshly.


New Bike

He’s a little afraid of being on it.


Almost Made It

11:37 PM on 12/31/2007: