Today we headed to the salt mines. This was another adventure into Stefan’s childhood as he remembers visiting the salt mines years ago. Once we arrived we had to suit up to get on the train that would take us down beneath the mountain. After we got off the train we saw a brief light show that demonstrated how there used to be a sea and when the water receded the salt was left. Then we went down the slide!

Next we walked through a series of tunnels where we learned about how they mine the salt from the ground. It really is an amazing process. We went down another slide so we could ride a boat across an underground lake. It was very dark and pretty incredible. A funicular ride took us back up to the train level. We all got off the train with big smiles on our faces because it really was a fun morning.

We went up the hill to Berchtesgaden for lunch where we had schenken und käse sandwiches. Yum! I committed to the new norm that beer is cheaper than water in Germany and had a Radler with mine. After lunch we poked around the town for a bit, checking out the church and some of the shops, including a store with wooden toys.





Next we drove up to Königssee for a boat ride. The mountains rise up on all sides of the lake often in sheer rock faces. At one such rock face the driver turned off the boat engine and the guide played a trumpet so we could hear the echo. The lake was really beautiful and it was a peaceful ride to the island where St Bartholomä is located. It was very chilly and overcast so we walked around some before stopping for cappuccino and pretzels before the return boat ride. On the way back to the car Tristan found a seller with traditional Bavarian Alpine hats, with a feather! Opa has been calling him Seppel ever since.













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