Today we went to see Neuschwanstein, King Ludwig II’s fairy tale castle. On our way we passed through two tunnels through the mountains, one was more than two miles long. Neuschwanstein overlooks the lake. King Ludwig I also had a castle here on a lower hill. Just like the castle at Chiemsee, Neuschwanstein was never finished.









We took a very crowded bus up to the castle and then walked to the gate. We had an English tour of the finished rooms including some state rooms and the royal bedchamber. After the tour we stopped in the gift shop where Katie and Tristan practiced their math while paying for their purchases. We had a quick lunch at one of the stands and saw some people para-gliding from the cliffs above.




Next we walked further up the hill to reach the bridge overlooking the castle. The view here is spectacular but we also wanted to recreate a photo from 30 years ago. It was exceptionally crowded but we were able to get some photographs, and also help some other tourists with their cameras. Katie told Stefan If you carry a big camera bag like that you’re guaranteed to have people stop you to take their picture.


After the bridge we took a carriage ride back down to the parking lot where we bought some postcards before piling back in the car to head to WiesKirche, a church in the middle of a field. After some wandering inside and outside the church we decided to make our way back to Mittenwald to visit the shops. Along the way we passed a dirndl and leiderhosen shop. We had promised Katie a dirndl and have been looking at them in every store we pass. This time we found one! And Tristan got leiderhosen and a shirt as well. We all loaded back into the car to continue on to Mittenwald where we did some shopping and had dinner before returning to our apartment.





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