It was moving day again today. This time we left Seefeld to head north to Klosterlangheim, a village near Coburg, the city of Opa’s family. Of course, we had a few sights to see on the way so we headed for Kelheim to take a boat ride on the Danube to Weltenberg Kloster. There was some GPS mis-navigation on the way but in the end we made it to Kelheim where we walked into town and had some lunch before the boat ride.

After eating, we bought our tickets and boarded the river boat. Nana pushed ahead to secure us good seats and when we caught up to her we found her insisting to a gentleman in German that her family has seven people an they would be using all three benches she had reserved. He was rather perturbed but we all congratulated her on the prime seats.



As I understood, the Danube is one of the few European rivers that flows from west to east, ending up in Romania before it dumps into the Black Sea. The river boat ride was not that long but through a canyon up to the Kloster Weltenburg, the oldest monastery in Bavaria.



After disembarking we checked out the church and then we had a pretzel with the kids in the courtyard while Nana. Opa, and Aunt Jess walked through some of the uphill gardens. They met us back in the biergarten and we walked back to the boat. tristan really liked the marking on the abby wall of how high the water got during various floods. After a much shorter trip with the current back to Kelheim we bought some stamps at the post office, mailed some post cards, and continued in the car to Klosterlangheim. We arrived in Klosterlangheim at dinner time so we unloaded some of our stuff into our apartments and walked down into the village for dinner.


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