Pronunciation: ‘ur-chin
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French herichon, heriçon, from (assumed) Old French eriz, from Latin ericius, from eris; akin to Greek chEr hedgehog
1 archaic : HEDGEHOG 1a
2 : a mischievous youngster : SCAMP

Urchins, the blog, is the stories of a family which includes two mischievous youngsters and two archaic hedgehogs. Actually, we are just your average suburban family with two kids (Katrina and Tristan) and two dogs (Onyx and Sergeant). The kids are quite young and the dogs are pretty old. Mama and Papa Urchin (Jennifer and Stefan) are in a frazzled state somewhere in between.

Although nickname assignments are usually the domain of Stefan, when Katrina was very small Jen started calling her Urchin. Once Tristan arrived, they became urchins. Their existence makes us laugh and cry – with any luck you will do the same

You can read about why we started blogging.

We can be reached at: mamaurchin or papaurchin @ gmail.com


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