Birthday Cake


Mr. Uh-Oh

Tristan decided to buck the da-da trend and say uh-oh as his first word. It took almost a week after he first said it for Stefan to witness the utterance but now he says uh-oh all the time. It seems since it is the only thing he knows how to say he has taken to saying it whenever something unintended/uncomfortable/unwanted happens. The other day we were in his room and he was opening and shutting drawers. He got his fingers stuck — not in any painful way — and he just started saying Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. He’s even started saying uh-oh before he drops something or occasionally for no apparent reason at all. Regardless, it’s pretty darn cute so we thought we’d share it with you…


Before Katie was born Jen convinced me we needed a video camera, so I bought this really nice camera. The problem is I don’t have the attention span to shoot or produce good video. With Tristan getting to the stage where there are a lot of video moments I pulled out the camera and will be putting some snippets on youtube.

Do you count this as crawling? Also let us know if you had problems viewing the video – hit the comment link below.


Toothy Grin

After weeks, even months, of pain and suffering — and I’m only talking about Mommy and Daddy — Tristan’s first tooth decided to finally poke through his gums. Never has anyone been happier about the arrival of a little pointed dagger in the mouth of a nursing infant.


CerealSo it’s been a busy week for our baby urchin. Last Thursday he started sitting by himself — occasionally for as much as a minute. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if what he was doing would actually be defined as sitting — it might be described as more like a yoga position — but after a family vote yesterday it was decided that yes, he is sitting. Hooray Tristan!!
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