This is What Daddy Should Do

We heard this song — from the They Might Be Giants album released today — on XM the other day and Katie said, Daddy, this is what you should do. If only.


I Keep Throwing Money Away

And I don’t mean metaphorically. I think I have twice now actually thrown money in the garbage never to be recovered. I’m not talking about 47ยข either, we’re talking an envelope from the bank. The kind of envelope that holds tens and twenties. I blame Katrina, her and her little bits of paper everywhere. The money, which I think was on the kitchen table, probably got buried under some artwork that was recycled. I bet the garbage men didn’t think to look through the trash for a tip. Oh well, easy come easy go. I seem to have perfected the latter now if I can just figure out the former.

UPDATE: Apologies to Katie, I have unearthed the most recent envelope which was also the most cash-filled one. I’m still pretty sure the other ended up in the trash though. Must figure out a new system….

I’d Rather Save My Sanity Than Daylight

My friend Amanda Jean thinks that daylight savings time is just a way to torture parents of small children. I think she might be onto something. Little ones are really good at listening to their body rhythms. This is good — they don’t eat except when their hungry — but in this case bad — Tristan still thinks it’s 7:00 AM when it’s really 6:00 AM. This morning he started his antics shortly before 5. Let me assure you, there is a huge difference between being awoken at a time that starts with four and one that starts with five. That peaceful picture is of the two of them sleeping in a hotel last month. They have separate rooms at home. Thank goodness.

Big Sis

Katie and Tristan

Yesterday Katie was sharing some crackers with Tristan and he choked a little bit on one. I think it just caught in his throat a little — no heimlich necessary — but he was pretty upset about it. After the initial cry and banging on his back I tried to hug him and console him and he pushed me away. I asked him, Do you want sister? to which he replied with a vigorous nod. So sweet but broke my heart at the same time.



Getting Katie ready for preschool yesterday was no different than any other preschool day. That is, there was a lot of arguing about what clothes she was going to wear — her two selections were a wool pullover and rabbit lined boots, or a cotton sundress with spaghetti straps and flip flops, both for temps in the 60s — whether she should brush her teeth — obviously yes — and what kind of hairdo she should have — I actually could care less as long as her hair is out of her eyes. At one point I said to her Katrina, you need to listen to me or you will be going to time-out. to which she replied You need to listen to………Grandmom or you will go to time-out. Good catch little girl. I know you were about to say I had to listen to you or I would go to time-out and well, we all know that would have backfired.