July 9, 2012

Getting There

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So, it takes a long time to get to Germany. Did you know? We knew we were going to have trouble with Katie sleeping on the airplane but it turns out the entertainment options were so exciting for Tristan that he couldn’t sleep either. They each did doze eventually but by the time Tristan was headed off to dreamland Katie was getting fidgety after being asleep sitting up for too long.


And who would have thought we would come all the way to Germany and our rental car would be a Ford. It seems wrong doesn’t it? After getting the car we stopped for breakfast near the Munich airport and then headed on to Brannenburg to drop off our luggage at our inn. As were driving into the Alps I kept saying to Stefan, “Look how pretty it is!” Tristan was noticing how many Volkswagons passed us with bikes on top.


Our inn is up a hill overlooking the town of Brannenburg. It’s right next to a small church, St Margarethen, with a cute little cemetery. The grave markers are mostly sculpted metal, very different than our granite ones at home. The bottom of the churchyard had a beautiful view of Brannenburg and the valley beyond. It was late morning when we arrived so we left our luggage and headed off to Bayrischzell.

Valley View

Over the Mountain

We went up and over the mountain, past a waterfall and through a one lane tunnel cut though the granite mountainside. The views were stunning, the countryside looks just like you imagine it to be. Bayrischzell is a cute little town, we did some window shopping and got some buns for a snack. We peaked into the churchyard of Sankt Margreth. I noticed the door was open and we found the inside to be beautifully adorned. The ceilings were covered in images and the altar was coved in gilded carvings.

St Margareth



After exploring Bayrischzell we went back to our inn in Brannenburg where our rooms were ready and napping was on the agenda. We had dinner at the inn where Tristan unexpectedly turned up his nose at his spaetzle but tried and liked Katie’s wiener schnitzel. In an effort to keep the urchins awake a little longer we made our way down to the village for a walk and some ice cream. After that we did some journalist in our room and got everyone to bed. Tomorrow we are going to see the town where Opa was born.

July 8, 2012

Bavaria Bound

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The urchins are headed to Bavaria, the fatherland, quite literally. We’re headed out with Opa, and Nana, and Aunt Jess to see where Opa grew up. We’ll be spending two weeks there and thought we might resurrect this here blog so anyone who is interested in hearing about our adventures can keep up with the madness. This afternoon two taxis will be taking all seven of us to the airport. Tomorrow morning we’ll be in Munich. Talk to you then!

March 29, 2008


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At the end of last year I got a copy of iStopMotion as part of MacHeist 07. Katie and I have been enjoying making stop motion animation and timelapse movies. Here is a sample:

The making of playdomation:

February 5, 2008

This is What Daddy Should Do

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We heard this song — from the They Might Be Giants album released today — on XM the other day and Katie said, Daddy, this is what you should do. If only.

February 4, 2008

Lost Vegas

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Katie: Mommy, Jimmy said Mrs. Pearson [one of her preschool teachers] is in a place called Lost.
Mama: Really?
Katie: I think she’s really in a place called Vegas.

January 23, 2008

I Keep Throwing Money Away

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And I don’t mean metaphorically. I think I have twice now actually thrown money in the garbage never to be recovered. I’m not talking about 47ยข either, we’re talking an envelope from the bank. The kind of envelope that holds tens and twenties. I blame Katrina, her and her little bits of paper everywhere. The money, which I think was on the kitchen table, probably got buried under some artwork that was recycled. I bet the garbage men didn’t think to look through the trash for a tip. Oh well, easy come easy go. I seem to have perfected the latter now if I can just figure out the former.

UPDATE: Apologies to Katie, I have unearthed the most recent envelope which was also the most cash-filled one. I’m still pretty sure the other ended up in the trash though. Must figure out a new system….

January 19, 2008

The Trainer Said to Try to Do Some Cardio

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Do you think being a mush dog for this guy counts? All he could say was Pull, Mama, Pull.

January 18, 2008

Did You See The Lady at Target….

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…with the toddler wearing no shoes or socks despite the weather looking like this:

Snow Shoveling

Yeah, well don’t judge her too harshly.

January 3, 2008

New Bike

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He’s a little afraid of being on it.

January 1, 2008

Almost Made It

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11:37 PM on 12/31/2007:

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